High Quality Wrap Materials

High Res Prints

HP Latex 365 PrinterHP 365 Latex Printer
The HP 365 produces high quality output at high speeds, the best of both worlds.We can produce indoor and outdoor prints with this workhorse. Latex inks produce scratch resistance comparable to hard- solvent inks, but without the harmful by products. And because of the versatile Latex inks, we can print on just about any substrate, with no dry time. Yes, that means we can produce and complete print jobs with same day turnarounds. Unlike many print shops, we house 2 of these printers, so we will always be able to accommodate your needs quick. 


3M Cwrap-installontroltac Premium Graphic Film
Durable, dimensionally stable, vinyl film with positionable, pressure-activated adhesive (permanent, changeable or removable) that allows film to be repositioned on the application surface during installation. We never skimp on material. Using cheap material saves a few bucks, but it is harder to install, does not last over time. You may save a few bucks today, but will pay much more in the end when the product fails prematurely. Plus  removal costs will skyrocket come time to remove the wrap, due to all the glue, that will surely be left behind.