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Looking for the best vehicle wrap installers in San Diego? Compare our vehicle wrap installation quality with other local San Diego companies.

Don’t settle for less
– Indoor installation facility
– Minimal seams
– Minimal stretch
– High Performance 3M vinyl’s
– High gloss 3M laminate
– 1440 DPI, high resolution, wide format prints
– Artists with over 9 years vehicle wrap experience
– In house from start to finish. Design, Print, Install
– Installation and material warranty



Bumpers & Curves

Curved areas of a vehicle such as bumpers and fenders are a dead give away of a novice installer. If rushed or un experienced, an installer will make cuts with overlapping flaps to cheat the difficult areas. Unfortunately, this is only cheating you. Creating additional seams and overlaps in an area where the vinyl is already stretched almost always ends up with the vinyl peeling back up. Not only does this look bad, but it creates problem areas that will allow dirt and water to get in and starts a chain reaction dramatically decreasing the life span of your wrap.

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front-bumper rear-bumper


Lights, door handles & trimming

Cutting on a vehicle is something that takes a steady artistic hand, and practice. Lots of practice. The trick is to apply the right amount of pressure with the razor blade to score the vinyl enough to pull it apart, without going deep enough to cut the paint. You won’t know if a novice installer has butchered your paint job until you remove the wrap. If done correctly, a wrap will actually preserve the paint and the resale value of your vehicle.

Many wrap companies simply do not cut out the details on a vehicle. Emblems and trim, and door handles should be removed or cut out to avoid issues with cracking and peeling. Not only does it look bad, but it significantly decreases the life span of your wrap.

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hinges fender door-handle


Alignment & Registration

Wraps are printed in multiple panels on 54″ wide vinyl film and applied by hand. Alignment during installation is achieved by a combination of bleed, or compensation in the design, and proper installation techniques. Below are examples of alignment on both overlapping panels and window graphics.

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seams windows

Vehicle Wrap Installation Details & Cost

When shopping for vehicle wrap installers, there are two main factors to consider; good price,or good quality.

An installer who charges half the price can only afford to spend half the time on a wrap application. This usually means low quality materials, cutting corners, skipping details, and using incorrect installation techniques that can dramatically shorten the life span of your wrap. Even worse, they may resort to sub contracting the work to inexperienced installers.

At Wrap City, our dedicated in house installers each have university degrees in art and have over 9 years experience completing over 1500 wrap installs including everything from Porsche 997 Turbo’s to Semi Trucks.

We are dedicated to being the best, and producing high quality, effective advertisements for our customers that can not be matched.