Amika Ryan - Car Wraps Testimonials

“Getting a wrap is like having a brand new vehicle and builds business integrity. It’s awesome. Kyle did an unbelievable job on the design, approved on the first proof. And Casey on the install did a meticulous job. The install and the material are under warranty. Can’t get any better!”

– Amika Ryan

Dent Time - Car Wraps Testimonials

“Wrap City has without a doubt improved my visibility and increased customer calls daily.”

– Dent Time

D & S Termite - Car Wraps Testimonials

“We wouldn’t take our business anywhere else. Reliable and professional.”

– D & S Termite

Falken Tire Corp - Car Wraps Testimonials

“These guys always come through big time for us..”

– Micky – Falken Tire Corp

Dos Gringos - Car Wraps Testimonials

“Casey was great to work with – Very helpful during the design process and the wrap came out just perect. We love it!”

– Joan Saunders – Dos Gringos

MMN Production Manager - Car Wraps Testimonials

“Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to wraps. There are companies in San Diego that may charge a little less, but for good reason. Most the time a cheaper cost equates to lower standard of quality. Lower print and installation quality. I found out the hard way it is better to spend a few hundred dollars more to get top notch quality and service.
Quick turnaround time for vehicle wraps is essential. We’ll send out proposals to our clients and all of a sudden, boom, they get accepted and say ‘Can you do this in a week.’ We know we can count on Wrap City to get it done for us on deadline.”

– William Coles – MMN Production Manager

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps effectively reach new customers at a great price! Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard.
Advertising through magazine and Yellow Page ads are expensive and might not give you a the return you want. Stop wasting money and energy on ad techniques that don’t work. Take charge of your business and become your own advertiser!
Wrap City is committed to your companies image and integrity. We design high-end ads at prices that can’t be matched, your satisfaction is our mission.